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I was having an issue with my son and wanted to talk with my mother about it. She always had great advice on raising kids (my mom passed in 2011). Rev. Adriana was able to immediately contact my mother and provided evidentiary proof it was her. She described my childhood dog in great detail that is now with mom. Also, she incredibly described a precious black stone with gold surrounding it that I could find in the top drawer of my nightstand. Of course, as soon as I got home the first thing I checked was that nightstand. It took a fair amount of digging, but there I found one onyx cufflink that had been there for years which I'd even forgotten I had. Rev. Adriana definitely has a truly awesome gift. Oh, and through her my mom gave me great advice on how to deal with the issue with my son. I'm very thankful for Rev. Adriana's insight and assistance.  David Ames, April, 2018

Wow! This was an amazing, caring conversation! In answering my questions, she went deeper than I ever expected. She provided a wealth of information surrounding my situation--so much, in fact, I wish I'd kept notes. Truly made my week! Username: Spiderz 5/23/18 

I just want to say Rev. Adriana is a awesome psychic. Her readings are extremely accurate and on point. She read me and my son, and situation to a tee. The accuracy sent chills down my spine. I have had readings before but nothing has compared to a reading with Rev Adriana. I will definitely be calling back soon.   Tracy Ellis 5/28/18

Extremely impressed. Without asking anything she picked up my boyfriend has two daughters and his guilt over not spending a lot of time with them because of his work. Picked up a guy friends name and his interest in me. Very accurate. Thank you!  Username: KDW11 5/2/18

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