June, 1968

Rev. Adriana Felicia Dominguez was just a child when she began having many paranormal experiences. Often she would describe people in great detail whom she had not yet met, down to the clothes they would be wearing and their demeanor. On this particular day she knew the Presidential candidate's life would be in danger if he won the primaries. He did and, sadly, it was. 

These days Rev. Adriana focuses on offering clear, candid and loving communication from the Spiritual Support Team which surrounds you and your loved ones in spirit, bringing you their messages of hope, healing, comfort and direction. 

My mission is to bring love, comfort, joy and peace of mind. I am privileged and honored to have this wonderful opportunity to be of service to you!

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Note: Consultations are subjective. No information received from this service is to be substituted for medical, legal or professional advice. You are encouraged to consult with a licensed professional prior to making any decisions or taking any action which could affect your life in any way.

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